Question 1: Can you supply ODM Service?

Answer: Yes, we can. We have structural engineers, electronic engineers, ID designers, and QC.


Question 2: How about the warranty?

Answer: We offer 6 months warranty for atomizer and mod.


Question 3: How long is the lead time of shopping?

Answer: We currently have main materials in stock, after receiving your order.


Question 4: Which condition are suitable for using vape products?

Answer: Vapes are not suitable for the following groups: minors, pregnant and locating women, people with heart disease, hypertension, respiratory, diseases, and people allergic to alcohol (PG) are strictly prohibited.


Question 5: The bigger vapor, the better?

Answer: Ofcourse not, vapor size has little effect on taste, moderate vapor is the best. It is the atomizer itself that has the biggest influence on the taste. The delicacy and purity of the smoke have a great relationship with the atomizer.