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company news about What do you know about atomizing core? -Ceramic Coil

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What do you know about atomizing core? -Ceramic Coil
Latest company news about What do you know about atomizing core? -Ceramic Coil

In recent years, new materials that can make atomizing core play a better role have been paid more and more attention. Ceramic core material is one of them. The atomizer generates heat through the atomization of ceramic core. It has the characteristics of stability, uniformity, high temperature resistance and easy oil conduction. It gives the user a smoother taste and fewer leaks. The most important point, different from the cotton core, ceramic core will not appear the problem of pasting core.


According to different material ceramic core , there are different advantages:

1. Ceramic core can be formed by different forming methods to produce complex ceramic core products.
2. Various stomatal structures can be made and products with high porosity and high strength can be obtained
3. The specimen has good strength and high stability
4. suitable for making products with closed stomata
5. Suitable for making microporous ceramics
6. Suitable for making thin film materials
7. Uniform distribution of pores
8. Easy to clean


Although in the mouth feel above, ceramic core compared with cotton core, taste is not saturated enough, but in durability and smooth degree, ceramic core is more outstanding, and it also less fried oil, oil leakage and other phenomena. Therefore, consumers and businesses for ceramic core e-cigarette acceptance is very high.


Ravape focuses on atomization research and has the corresponding production technology for both cotton core and ceramic core. Able to provide the corresponding products according to the actual needs of customers. At the same time, we are also constantly studying and upgrading the manufacturing technology of the ceramic core, so as to achieve the stability of the atomization core durability, but also to ensure the taste of saturation.

Before the emergence of new materials, cotton core and ceramic core will coexist for a long time, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of the atomization core of cotton core material? Keep on following our update !

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