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company news about What are the components of e-cigarettes?

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What are the components of e-cigarettes?
Latest company news about What are the components of e-cigarettes?

What are the components of e-cigarettes?


E-cigarettes are mainly composed of three parts: cigarette rod, atomizer, and mouthpiece. And the charger, Liquid.

E-cigarettes are modern microelectronics technology. The actual electronic cigarette body is a comprehensive structure. Built by a Liquid, a spray chamber, and a smart chip controlled lithium battery. On the front of the product is an operating mode indicator that glows like a real cigarette when you use it. The most interesting part of e-cigarettes is the vaping chamber. That's part of the magic that happens and is responsible for creating the vapor like smoke, like a real cigarette. This vapor is the result of the smoke liquid being heated and atomized, that is, the Liquid in the cartridge is heated and atomized. At this time, a smoke-like vapor is generated, which, when inhaled into the user's mouth, can satisfy the craving of the smoker.


The basic structure of the electronic cigarette is shown in the figure. It consists of a battery (cigarette rod) + an atomizer (pod) + a cigarette holder. There is a switch on the cigarette rod, and a light at the bottom shows whether there is electricity. The Liquid is heated by the atomizer. It produces vapor, and Liquid itself has a flavor, so there will be various aromas. Electronic cigarette structure diagram:

The development of E-cigarettes can be roughly divided into two generations. The design of the first generation of E-cigarettes completely imitates the shape of ordinary real cigarettes. The cartridges are yellow and the cigarette body is white. Includes battery stick, atomizer and pod. The disadvantage is that the atomizer is easy to burn out, and when the cartridge is replaced, it is easy to damage the pointed part of the atomizer. Over time, it will be completely worn out, and eventually the atomizer will not smoke.


In order to overcome the shortcomings of the first generation of E-cigarettes , the second generation of E-cigarettes adopted an integrated design to expand the atomization area and avoid the problem that the atomizer does not smoke due to long-term use. However, its disadvantage is that it is a one-time design, and neither the atomizer nor the cartridge can be used repeatedly, and the long-term use cost is high.


There is a new electronic-10,000-cycle-cycle atomizer in the back. It adopts a stainless steel cylindrical inner tank and a transparent and reinforced outer shell design. The atomization area is larger and the effect is more uniform. You can observe the remaining amount of e-liquid and add Liquid at any time. Use repeatedly. Greatly reduces the long-term use cost of consumers.


How E-cigarettes work


The disposable vape  is mainly composed of an airflow monitor, a control circuit, an atomizing head, an LED, and a lithium battery. When smoking, the control chip can monitor the flow of air, and control the heating of the atomizing head to emit simulated smoke. When there is no air flowing through the inside of the body, the control chip enters a standby state.


The above is the structure diagram of the electronic cigarette and the components of the electronic cigarette. I believe that everyone has a clear understanding of the work of the electronic cigarette. In fact, the principle is relatively easy to understand. The most important E-cigarettes are the atomizer and the Liquid. Among them, the Liquid The quality of the product directly affects health, so be sure to buy a good Liquid.

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