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According to news on October 20th, according to a report by a spokesperson of the Hamburg company, Juul Labs will be withdrawn from Germany at the end of this year.

The company said it needs to set priorities to achieve long-term success. It said that in this way, people can invest in R&D and future products in core markets.

German consumers will be able to buy Juul products until the stock runs out.

After the wave of layoffs, Juul's subsidiary in Germany has only about a dozen employees left, and these employees have now also been laid off.

Juul has left Austria this summer and plans to leave Switzerland soon.

The company had achieved great success in the United States before it faced strong regulatory opposition, but due to EU restrictions on nicotine, the company found it challenging to challenge the European market.

The dose of nicotine in Juul products sold in Europe is significantly lower than that in the US market, which makes it difficult to compete with European combustible cigarettes.

Recently, Juul was also forced to temporarily suspend shipments in Germany due to the lack of mandatory recycling marks on its packaging.

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